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When order accuracy is crucial to maintaining customer loyalty, IntegraCore provides 99% order accuracy, 99% on time delivery, and 99% inventory accuracy. We provide complete customizable outsourced distribution, shipping and fulfillment solutions whether products arrive directly on a customer's doorstep or with a forklift into a major retailer's distribution center.

Efficiency and Reliability

Our distribution outsourcing, management and consulting is made possible by our combination of the world's best logistics software, equipment and the people dedicated to perfection. Our clients can sleep at night without having to wonder whether their products are arriving to their customers. Each one of our partners receives access to our real time inventory and shipping dashboard which enables them to plan every aspect of their product's supply chain with the most efficient amount of inventory. This includes real time displays of inventory, shipping, receiving, back ordered materials and returns.

Not only can we provide large volume distribution and shipping of products to retailers around the world but we also have the capability of providing individual packages delivered directly to a client's home address. So, if Sally or Joe orders your company's latest scrapbooking kit we can pick, pack and ship their orders in the most costs effective way available today.

A Guaranteed Solution

With 15 different ways to integrate systems for order reception and over 1400 different shipping and distribution options not only can IntegraCore guarantee that we receive every order, but we can ensure that all the orders are fulfilled in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Every product that leaves our facility is packaged and shipped with optimized delivery times and costs in mind. This means that each product is placed in the perfect box or container, with the perfect filling material and shipped out on the most efficient carrier, whether that is Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS, DHL or many others. IntegraCore receives discounted shipping and distribution rates, many times as much s 70% less than advertised at a carrier's retail outlets.

IntegraCore incorporates equipment from the biggest names in logistics and distribution; SAP, ASC Trac, and many others to provide accuracy and reduced turn times to all of our clients. Along with the most experienced team in distribution, fulfillment and shipping these elements all translate into reduced costs, peace of mind and loyal customers. Your business is our business, so no matter how large or small the company, everyone we work with is our partner.

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