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Kitting and Assembly Solutions

IntegraCore - The experts at reducing turn times. Kitting and assembly as well as pick and pack are essential elements of any business. Just about every product today is accompanied by an instruction manual and some sort of CD or DVD.

At IntegraCore we have perfected the art of kitting, assembly and pick, pack and shipping for our clients

By incorporating state of the art technology with an expert team of dedicated product assembly experts we know how to get any product to market faster and more accurately than anyone else in the industry. IntegraCore has the highest throughput capacity of any pick and pack firm in the industry, we consistently build millions of units each month; each with 20 or more parts creating more than 40 million touches in any given month.

Our product assembly team is 99% accurate and has not only reduced turn times for companies by as much as 70% but has also reduced product assembly costs by as much as 80%. Whether products are a simple kit of a CD, manual and the product itself or a complex mix of options, IntegraCore can assemble, pick, pack and ship just about anything.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

IntegraCore doesn't just assemble kits and manufacture products, we make the entire manufacturing process more efficient. Through our use of SAP, our MRP / EMR system, our clients have the capability to achieve 3 crucial objectives simultaneously:

  1. Ensure materials and products are available for production and delivery to customers.
  2. Maintain the lowest possible level of inventory.
  3. Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.

Any company's success is greatly increased by effective planning, our planned receipt module guarantees that we won't receive your items blind, so when we kit or assemble products both our clients and we know exactly what we have to work with in real time. This information is available to all of our clients at any moment via our electronic inventory and shipping dashboard.

All finished goods are bar coded according to our client's needs and specifications in order to ensure proper packaging, tracking and distribution of products. In addition to knowing where all their products and materials are, each of our client never has to worry about whether IntegraCore can handle their next project. Whether 1,000 units or 1 million, IntegraCore always has the necessary trained staff on hand to handle the product assembly, kitting and shipping needs of our clients, after all your business is our business.

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