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IntegraCore has the technology and expertise to produce, assemble, and deliver virtually any package that includes printed items, media, or any combination of both.

Ask us how we can help you manage your product manufacturing needs.

Software Developers
Packaged software products generally include some combination of software replicated on CD-ROM or DVD, printed documentation, and other marketing materials. IntegraCore can produce all of these components and provide you with the experience, integrated systems, and accurate, real-time information you need to deliver them to your customers quickly and cost effectively. We specialize in flexible, just-in-time delivery programs that make it possible to meet your most demanding inventory and distribution channel requirements.

Hardware/Electronics Manufacturers and CEMs
Since 1988, IntegraCore has provided contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs) with a single, reliable source for sub and final assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services. Today, IntegraCore is capable of assembling, packaging, and delivering an impressive range of hardware-from handheld devices and network interface cards to USB cables-along with all the software, documentation, and other printed materials that go with them.

This includes manufacturing or procuring all the components for the package, assembling those components, and preparing the final kit for distribution. For sub- or final-assembly services, we can also send kits to a production line, fulfill orders to a distribution center, or distribute products directly to your customers. But no matter what the requirements of the project, IntegraCore will make sure the whole process runs smoothly.

Literature Fulfillment and Brand Marketing
IntegraCore can produce, assemble, and distribute a complete range of print or media-based marketing or information kits for your business, including prospectuses, catalogs, annual reports, subscriptions, product information CDs, trial software, and much more.

IntegraCore provides the tools and expertise you need to get your message to your customers-in any volume or format and at the lowest possible cost. We'll take care of packaging, order management, and distribution, so you can focus on growing your business:

  • Collateral materials - Send collateral materials directly to your field sales force, trade shows, conferences, and retail locations.
  • Samples - Package and mail samples directly to your customers or ship them in large quantities to retail locations.
  • Brochures/catalogs - Mail pre-assembled literature packages to distribution centers or mail individual catalogs directly to your customers.
  • Promotional Items - Bulk mail promotional items, coupons, and special offers directly to your customers.

Direct Marketing Services
Online service providers, gaming companies, and others have already discovered the power of distributing promotional offers and demos on CD-ROM-either through direct mass mailings or through magazine distribution.

IntegraCore makes it easy for you to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. We offer an integrated production, fulfillment, and distribution solution that improves efficiency and lowers mailing costs-for everything from CDs in envelopes to bulk postcard mailers. Just let us know what you need for your next direct marketing campaign, and we'll make it happen.

Consumer Packages
IntegraCore is capable of producing, assembling, and delivering a staggering variety of retail consumer packages for you business. Let us know what you need, and we'll work to develop the best possible solution.
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