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IntegraCore’s various Salt Lake warehouses and kitting and assembly centers cover over 80,000 square feet. There are 19 dock loading doors and over 5,000 pallet locations. Located just minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport, and with immediate access to every major highway in Salt Lake City, we provide a very strategic location for manufacturing, kitting and assembly and distribution.

Our spacious, clean and well-organized warehouses provide pallet locations to store the raw materials that make up each of our client's packages. Our inventory system tracks those raw components with 99 percent accuracy. The components then make their way, according to our client's schedule, into manufacturing.

In manufacturing, we utilize three fully automated packaging lines to assemble and shrinkwrap each package. In a standard day shift we can produce up to 60,000 packages or 1.26 million every month. Add a second shift and, well, you get the picture. We can handle enormous volumes. Each automated line has a state-of-the-art checkweigher inline in order to verify package weight down to .5 grams if necessary. Once the perfect packages roll off the manufacturing line, they go either right into a truck for shipping or delivery, or into the hundreds of pallet and flow rack locations in the warehouses allocated to finished goods.

Our distribution stations can easily handle both small and large parcel sizes and our distribution software, by ASCTrac, can scale to handle any number of shipments. We currently ship over 14,000 shipments each day, from small parcel to full truckload.

Our strength comes from the combination of great people and a great facility. We are ready to go to work for you at any of our warehouses in Salt Lake City, Utah or Atlanta, Georgia.

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