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Packaging Solutions

Packaging is both a noun and a verb, IntegraCore provides both solutions to our customers. Through our network of professional vendors we can procure the perfect box, bag, case or any other type of custom packaging to meet our clients needs.

All products need packaging and instructions. IntegraCore produces, assembles, and delivers virtually every type of custom package containing any combination of printed materials and media. Our finished goods inventory accuracy rate is over 99%.

Expertise and More

Not only do our clients get exact right fit packaging services and materials from IntegraCore they also get our expertise in kitting, assembly and shipping. Our clients benefit from our packaging buying power by reducing overall finished goods costs when they use IntegraCore as a complete outsourcing partner.

Along with reducing costs, IntegraCore also reduces turn times with our state of the art MRP / ERP systems and machinery. We provide our clients with the most sophisticated inventory management system which allows us to implement JIT (just in time) inventory solutions.

IntegraCore's Custom Packaging Advantages:

  • Custom Packaging Materials
    • Options, Options, Options
    • Right Fit Products
    • Finished Goods Cost Reduction
    • Buying Power

  • Product Packaging Services and Distribution
    • Over 18 Years of Expertise
    • Reduced Turn Times
    • JIT - Just In Time Inventory Planning
    • SAP
    • ASC Trac
    • Real Time Streaming Order Fulfillment
    • Planned Retail Distribution

Come experience the difference and see how IntegraCore will improve your packaging, production and assembly process.

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