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Printing Solutions

All products need packaging and instruction manuals. IntegraCore produces, assembles, and delivers virtually every type of package containing any combination of printed materials and media.

Our finished goods inventory accuracy rate is over 99%. This means all of our clients have the peace of mind knowing that their products were printed and assembled properly prior to shipping.

IntegraCore provides the most printing options of any outsourced printing vendor. We work with a broad network of professional printers to find each of our clients the perfect fit for their projects.

One of the key benefits to working with IntegraCore is our buying power. Since we purchase such large quantities of printed materials we can provide better pricing to our customers for finished goods than if they were to procure all the materials themselves.

We are the experts at multimedia kitting. We can procure, assemble, pick, pack and ship any combination of printed materials, CD's, DVD's and finished goods.

Trust IntegraCore for:

  • Printed Materials
    • Web
    • Sheet Fed
    • Digital
  • Media Replication and Labeling
  • CD / DVD Replication
  • CDR / Diskette Replication
  • Audio / Video Cassette Replication
  • Packaging and Assembly
  • Distribution and Logistics

Come experience the difference and see how IntegraCore will improve your production and assembly process.

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