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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Complete Global Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solutions by IntegraCore

Supply chain management (SCM) is the comprehensive administration of raw materials, manufacturing, kitting and assembly and distribution of goods to their end consumer or point of sale. 

IntegraCore provides the most comprehensive and efficient supply chain management services for mid, large and enterprise level companies.  Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with only having to deal with one vendor for all of their supply chain management needs.  Just like we have done for Carol Tuttle, who realized over $30,000.00 in annualized productivity savings by utilizing IntegraCore’s supply chain management solutions.

Whether you need raw component procurement from manufacturers in China or help getting your completed products through customs in the United States or anywhere else in the world IntegraCore will provide you with accurate and cost saving solutions.

Outsourced Supply Chain Management Reduces Operating Costs

IntegraCore has been providing outsourced supply chain services for the past 18 years and has a proven ability to provide our clients with a savings of 50% or more on their operational costs for getting product to market.  While IntegraCore can provide complete distribution and fulfillment services for almost any company or business model; we are the premier provider of supply chain solutions for the direct sales, MLM and the educational development and coaching industries.

Many of our clients have not only seen significant reductions in operating costs by utilizing our state of the art supply chain management system but have also seen outstanding improvements in order accuracy, on time shipments and productivity levels.

Our Supply Chain Management Expertise

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Instructional DVD’s and CD’s
Training manuals
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Supply Chain Management Services Include:

Procurement of raw materials and components
Manufacturing of components and finished products
Kitting and assembly
Pick and pack
Just in time inventory management
Real time inventory status
Real time order status
Ecommerce order fulfillment
B to B distribution
Returns Management

You can rest assured that IntegraCore will provide your company with the most efficient and cost effective supply chain management services available from a single vendor.

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To get more details about how IntegraCore can save your company as much as 60% on it’s operating costs and how you can rest assured that your supply chain is being handled with more than 99% accuracy and efficiency just call 1-800-410-7555 or click our contact us link.

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