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why outsource?

At IntegraCore, we've made product manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and distribution our core business - so you can focus all your time and attention on yours.

When you outsource to IntegraCore, you turn the worries, costs, and endless details that go with product manufacturing and packaging over to a proven partner with more than 15 years of experience. You gain instant access to our industry-leading systems, trained people, and efficient processes. And you make it possible to tighten your focus, free your internal resources, and improve your bottom line.

The Outsourcing Institute compiled the top six reasons for outsourcing. How many apply to your business?

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve company focus
  • Gain access to world-class capabilities
  • Free internal resources
  • Supplement internal resources
  • Bring control to complex, chaotic functions
  • Source: The Outsourcing Institute

Outsource (out-s?rs) 1. an approach to business used by smart companies to reach markets faster, leverage economies of scale, simplify supply chain management, increase or add capabilities with little or no capital investment, and free internal resources to focus on core competencies.

Smart Resource Allocation
Successful businesses focus all their resources on core strategic activities. IntegraCore makes that possible - by relieving you of the headaches and hassles that go with managing multiple vendors, meeting product delivery deadlines, and coordinating thousands of operational details. We're happy to handle the mundane tasks that slow you down, so you can stay focused on the success of your business.

World-class Capabilities
Manufacturing and packaging equipment is expensive, complicated, and labor intensive. With IntegraCore, none of that matters. We make it easy for you to tap into the world's best new technology, equipment, and techniques without making a large investment - so you can go to market faster, increase efficiency, and reduce your equipment and labor costs.

Control Your Costs
Outsourcing makes sense because it saves you money. With Integracore, you don't have to buy or maintain any expensive equipment, hire additional labor, or stay ahead of an ever-changing technology curve. We're happy to make those investments, so you don't have to.

Join a Growing Trend
There are many reasons why outsourcing has become standard practice for an increasing number of software vendors and original equipment manufacturers. Shorter product life cycles are forcing businesses to focus their resources on core business activities and search for ways to bring products to market faster. At the same time, evolving user requirements are driving a trend toward more customized products and services, built to order and multi-vendor solutions, and faster distribution.

Outsourcing has become so popular because it squarely addresses these issues. Turning to a trusted partner for peripheral business functions allows an organization to refocus its energies on core strategic activities. And quality outside service providers offer a level of dedicated expertise, technology, and infrastructure support that allows them to perform specific functions more quickly and inexpensively than in-house departments. Outsourcing gives organizations the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of their customers and deliver more products in less time. As more businesses discover the value of these outsourced services, the industry will continue to grow and develop.

"To reap outsourcing's greatest rewards, both client and vendor must trust each other." The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine - Oct. 15 2001

"The ability to forge, manage and sustain strategic sourcing relationships is increasingly critical to competitive success." - "How to Engage in a Strategic Sourcing Relationship", By Les Blumberg

"At their best, outsourcing relationships can go beyond just reducing costs to create real value?the two parties must trust each other, even when the stakes are high." - The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine - Oct. 15 2001

"A good working relationship requires constant evaluation and readjustment if it is going to produce economic rewards?those rewards will be much larger if both sides focus on cooperating to create value over time." - The Confidence Game, CIO Magazine - Oct. 15 2001

"Partnerships are here to stay. In fact, if one were to poll the top 100 business leaders in any industry, I'm sure they all would agree that partnerships are an absolute necessity in today's business climate." - "Partnering Today", By Michael A. Berta Ph.D.

"Every organization has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people, from non core activities toward activities which serve the customer." - Survey of Current and Potential Outsourcing End-Users, The Outsourcing Institute 1998

Save time and money-and skip a few headaches-by letting someone else fill your orders. July 06, 2001 By Dan Blacharski

Asset turnover, as measured by return on assets, equity, or investment, grows substantially when facilities and equipment are removed from the equation, and when significant investments in hardware and software can be avoided. Getting Outsourcing to Work in the Supply Chain
By Robert Sabath

Supply chain outsourcing is generally expected to be the single strongest direction within the supply chain community during the next ten years. Getting Outsourcing to Work in the Supply Chain
By Robert Sabath

Businesses are being challenged by the need to increase their competitive advantage while decreasing operating costs and improving performance. In the most cases, outsourcing has provided a state-of-the-art solution to the problem by allowing enterprises to accomplish the following three critical goals: 1 Concentrate on their core business. 2 Reduce total costs. 3 Meet higher customer expectations.
Outsourcing Your Supply Chain Management
By Timothy W. Purkis

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